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Dr. Steven J. Geib, Research Associate Professor of Chemistry, Director of X-Ray Crystallographic Facility

Jim Copenhafer, Thomas Watson, Dr. Paul Badger, David Shan, Dr. Ryan DaRe, Dr. Rosa Melendez, Dr. Kevin D. John and Dr. Joseph Manna, X-Ray Graduate Assistants Emeritus



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The Chemistry Department X-ray Crystallography Lab is located on the fourth floor of the Chevron Science Center in the new Chemical instrumentation Center. We have a Bruker X8 prospector Ultra with a Copper micro-focus X-ray source and a Bruker Smart Apex CCD diffractometer (sealed-tube Mo radiation, pictured above) which is controlled via Bruker Smart software.  We are equipped for low-temperature data collection down to 90K. 

We use primarily the Bruker SHELXTL package (which we used to produce the pictures on this page and in our gallery) for the solution, refinement and visualization of X-ray structures. Other programs we have found useful include Platon from Dr. A.L. Spek, Olex2, Mercury and the Cambridge Structural Database.

What We Do

We use X-ray diffraction to determine the three-dimensional structure of organic and inorganic molecules which have been created in the various synthetic research groups here in the University of Pittsburgh Chemistry Department. We also collaborate with chemists outside the university. A Gallery of some favorite structures can be found here. Click here for a bio of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (discoverer of X-rays). Röntgen won one of several Nobel Prizes for research with X-rays.

Fillable X-ray Submission Form (PDF)

Our X-ray Structure Database   Departmental users only

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Some Crystallography Servers

American Crystallographic Association Home Page

Our X-Ray Gallery

Pittsburgh Diffraction Society and Conference Homepage

ACA Service Crystallography SIG Homepage

Crystal Samples suitable for X-ray diffraction.

Some Other Useful Servers

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Chemistry

Pitt Department of Chemistry

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For information about the Pitt Chemistry X-ray Crystallography Lab (or this fabulous WWW page) or to inquire about submitting crystals for X-ray analysis, contact:

Steven Geib (geib


Department of Chemistry
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15260